Environmental Responsibility

We’re a Proud Product of Our Michigan Environment.
Matt and Chip simply used the resources around them to make that first Fuf chair. This resourcefulness has not been lost and is still an important part of our culture. We have invested in manufacturing technology and techniques that produce as little waste and pollution as possible, while also meeting our customers’ demands - in that order.  
As Comfort Research has continued to grow, so have our environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. Our Fuf chairs are 100% filled with post-consumer shredded polyethene foam. Our UltimaX fibers come from recycled soda bottles, and all of our products are designed, filled and shipped right here in Grand Rapids, MI.
Furthermore, as a company of people sharing this Earth, we’re also committed to reducing our own waste, day in and day out. We’ve reallocated our marketing efforts towards things like this website and other digital media, reducing the need for printed materials.